Clerk of Work (Architecture, C&S, M&E, ID) - JB
Job Description: 
  1. To supervise all construction works such as soil investigation works, earthworks, piling works, main building works, infrastructure works and NSC works throughout the construction period.
  2. To check and ensure that quality of all building materials used in the project are from the acceptable range of products.

  3. To check and ensure the quality/workmanship for all construction works of various sub-trades are within the acceptable tolerance.

  4. To carry out necessary testing on all construction works/materials to ensure compliance to technical specifications.

  5. To monitor the construction works in order to ensure timely completion.

  6. To check and ensure that the operation of safety and cleanliness of the construction sites are well organized in orderly manner at all times.

  7. To check and record all variation orders (VO) to the original scope of works within the provision of the original contract.

  8. To assist in organizing the authorities’ final inspection, testing and commissioning during Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC) application.

  9. To assist in handing over of completed properties to the JMB/Management Corporation/purchasers.