Project Manager - JB
Job Description: 
  1. To oversee all development projects for optimization of time, cost and quality.

  2. To source for new development projects via outright purchase of new land bank or joint venture.

  3. To conduct project feasibility study in order to ascertain the viability of potential development projects.

  4. To appoint and work with town planner during project planning stage (layout plans for D.O. approval).

  5. To organize the team of consultants such as architect, engineer, quantity surveyor and land surveyor during design development stage.

  6. To obtain development order/building plans approval from the local approving authorities.

  7. To organize tender exercise on earthworks, piling works, main building works, infrastructure works, NSC works, etc. prior to commencement of physical works on site.

  8. To organize consultant meeting/site meetings during the construction stage in order to overcome all technical and construction problems.

  9. To monitor and supervise the construction works during construction stage to ensure timely completion and to ensure quality finished product in order to fulfill customer’s requirement/satisfaction.

  10. To organize the final testing, commissioning and inspection with local authorities/technical departments for procurement of Certificate of Completion and Compliance(CCC) and delivery of vacant possession to all purchasers on time.

  11. To overuse all the defects rectification works by main contractor during the defects liability period.